If you suffer from ENDOMETRIOSIS or UTERINE FIBROIDS and are interested in Oral Contraception  .....We have just starting enrolling participants in a new study.

You may qualify if you
  • are 18-50 and have regular periods
  • are at risk for pregnancy by being in a heterosexual relationship and having intercourse at least once per month
  • are in good health with the exception of having ENDOMETRIOSIS    OR  UTERINE FIBROIDS
  • intend to use the investigational contraception as your only form of birth control throughout the study
Qualified participants will receive compensation  up to $400 as well as free study-related exams, blood work, bone density (mammograms if you're at least 40) and investigational oral contraceptive combination pills.
Please contact us by using the confidential inquiry form below. Someone from our research staff will contact you within 24 hours.

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The study will enroll about 1000 sexually active, otherwise healthy women with presumed normal fertility. Women will receive once-daily combination tablet continuously for thirteen 28-day cycles.