Hot Flash Study looking at Sleep Quality, Life Quality and other things:
If  you are 40-75 and
1. complain of bothersome hot flashes due to/associated with menopause for at least 3 months
2. made the decision to begin treatment with a non-hormone replacement therapy (the study may be the first course of treatment, OR a restart OR a switch from one drug (HT/non-HT) to another non-HT.
A restart or switch of a previous therapy requires a minimum of a 10-day period not on therapy/washout period prior to pre-baseline.)


VMS "VASOMOTOR SYMPTOMS"  can have a significant negative impact on quality of life and are a primary reason menopausal women seek medical attention [Crandall, 2019]. Individuals with VMS may also experience sleep disturbance, changes in cardiovascular and bone health, increased anxiety
and depressive symptoms, lower quality of life, and impaired work productivity [Avis et al, 2015]. Hot Flashes or "vasomotor symptoms" are the most commonly reported menopausal symptoms. These symptoms are characterized by a sudden increase of blood flow, often to the face, neck, and chest, that causes the sensation of extreme heat and profuse sweating. When symptoms occur at night they are called “night sweats” and can cause significant sleep disturbances. Episodes of vasomotor symptoms can last 1 to 5 minutes and can be associated with perspiration, flushing, chills, anxiety, and even heart palpitations. For more information on Hot Flashes and other menopausal symptoms, click here.

This observational study will assess the change from baseline in symptoms bothering women  in the real-world setting. This study will also assess the impact of VMS on sleep quality, menopause-related quality of life, sexual health, depressive and anxious symptoms, and work productivity through the collection of data utilizing patient-reported outcome (PRO) measures and
wearable digital technology in individuals prescribed non-HTs for the treatment of VMS. The drugs involved in the study are alreay FDA approved.  We are asking you to participate so we can collect extra "post market" data to add "real world" insight to menopausal-related issues for women.

Participants will receive free study-related exams. Study medication will be through your insurance with a coupon for lower co-pay when applicable. (What does this mean? Your doctor would likely prescribe hot flash medication to you anyway. Through the study, you get compensation for keeping track of your symptoms and free study-related exams.) All of the study medications are FDA approved already. 

Please complete the information below. Ask a question or just ask someone to contact  you about the study. There is no obligation to join the study. The study is 12 mos long with 4 office visits and 4 phone visits.   Qualified participants receive up to $560.00

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