Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) is estimated to affect approximately 40% of US women at some point during their lives. Female Sexual Arousal Disorder (FSAD) is defined as a persistent or recurrent inability to attain  or to maintain until completion of the sexual activity, an adequate lubrication-swelling response of sexual excitement that causes marked distress or interpersonal difficulty. FSAD is estimated to negatively impact approximately 20% of US women. Despite the high prevalence of FSAD and the potential impact impaired arousal has on other aspects of sexual function in women, to date there are no Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved pharmacological treatments for FSAD.    We invite you to be part of the solution:

To qualify you must be
  • a premenopausal woman, 21 years or older;
  • in a stable, monogamous, relationship that was secure and communicative, for at least 6 months prior to Visit 1. The relationship is with ONE sexual partner, who is sexually functional, both psychologically and physically. The partner will be consistent and available throughout the duration of the study;
  • have experienced ‘normal’ sexual function for at least 2 years or longer. Patient must have had sexual activity at least two times each month during the last 6 months and agrees to have sexual activity at least two times each month for the duration of the study;
  • must agree to continue using an acceptable form of  birth control during the study

Qualified participants & their partners receive compensation for participating.
For  more information or to see if you qualify, please complete the section below to confidentially submit your contact information. Our study is being conducted by area Gynecologists - physicians who specialize in the field of female sexual dysfunction.
Contact us:

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