Female sexual dysfunction (FSD) What is FSAD?
Millions of women struggle to reach or maintain a sufficient physical response to sexual stimulation - a condition known as female sexual arousal disorder (FSAD). FSAD is not a lack of sexual desire - rather, women with FSAD have normal levels of sexual desire but just have difficulty becoming or staying aroused. In this respect, FSAD is similar to erectile dysfunction (ED) in men. Just like erectile dysfunction in men, FSAD is associated with insufficient blood flow to the genitalia. And while there are many FDA-approved therapies for men with ED, there are currently no FDA-approved therapies for women with FSAD.    We invite you to be part of the solution:

What is the RESPOND Study?
Right now, women’s health specialists throughout the US are conducting a new clinical study for women with FSAD, called the RESPOND Study. The RESPOND Study is evaluating an investigational cream for FSAD used in the privacy of your own home. The active ingredient in the investigational cream is called ‘sildenafil’ and is the same active ingredient found in Viagra® for the treatment of men with ED.

If you qualify and choose to join the RESPOND Study, you will be seen by a local women’s health specialist and will receive all study-related care and study medication at no cost. You will also be compensated for your time and travel.

To qualify you must be
  • a premenopausal woman, 18 years or older;
  • in a stable, monogamous, relationship that was secure and communicative, for at least 6 months prior to Visit 1.
    • The relationship is with ONE sexual partner, who is sexually functional, both psychologically and physically. The partner will be consistent and available throughout the duration of the study; partner is require to participate IF the patient intends to have sexual activity with the partner any time within 72 hours of applying the product. 
    • If the patient has a partner who is not willing to participate in the study, the patient agrees not to have partnered sexual activity within 72 hours of application of the product.
    • If the patient does not have a partner and does not intend to seek one for the duration -No partner, No problem
  • have experienced ‘normal’ sexual function for at least 2 years or longer. Patient must have had sexual activity at least once each month during the last 6 months and agrees to have sexual activity at least two times each month for the duration of the study;
  • must agree to continue using an acceptable form of  birth control during the study unless same sex couple or No partner
Qualified participants & their partners receive compensation for participating.
For  more information or to see if you qualify, please complete the section below to confidentially submit your contact information. Our study is being conducted by area Gynecologists - physicians who specialize in the field of female sexual dysfunction.
Contact us:

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Why Participate?

FSAD is a common condition that makes it difficult for women to reach or maintain sexual arousal. Doctors at select centers throughout the US are studying an investigational cream intended to treat FSAD and used in the privacy of your own home. If you qualify and choose to join the RESPOND Study, you will receive:

  • Evaluations from a local women’s health specialist
  • Study-related care and study medication at no cost (health insurance is not required)
  • Compensation up to $800 for your time and travel to attend study visits (7 visits over an approximate 5-month period)
  • The opportunity to help advance FSAD research to potentially benefit other women suffering from FSAD