Vaginal Ring Contraceptive

We are currently recruiting women for a new progestin-only vaginal  ring contraceptive. Replace the Ring every  month.

This is an option for women who are intolerant to or for whom contraindications exist for, the use of estrogens (due to migraine or cardiovascular risk factors such as hypertension, hyperlipidemias, obesity, diabetes mellitus, smoking habits etc.) and for breastfeeding women.

Progestogen-only contraceptives can also reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, painful periods and heavy menstrual bleeding in adolescents.

If you are:

1. A relatively healthy,  sexually active and premenopausal female subject, aged 13 up to 45 years old,  of childbearing potential and seeking contraception.

2. Willing to have vaginal sexual intercourse with partner assigned male at birth in each cycle of the trial without the of use back-up or emergency contraceptives. This criterion does not apply to adolescents.

You may be eligible to enroll!   (Other criteria do apply)
More than 20 registered products containing progestin in the USA and more than 30 registered products containing progestin available in Europe. It is being used in oral contraceptives (e.g., Microgynon®), intrauterine devices (IUD, e.g., Mirena® and Jaydess®) and subdermal implant systems (e.g., Jadelle® and Sino-implant®)

We are interested in expanding the progestin-only options available because as many women know.....what may work for their best friend, may not work for them.

Let's work together to bring another Contraceptive option to women! Complete the "Contact Us" form below and We will be in touch to answer any additional questions and to get started.

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