Understanding the changes in bone density over time will help physicians when thinking about  prescribing medications for endometriosis. The purpose of this study is to observe bone mineral density over 24 months in women who continue their "already physician prescribed" treatmemt for endometriosis. No investigational medication is under study in this clinical trial, so you will not be asked to change your Endometriosis treatment.

Bone mineral density (DXA) scan: DXA is a simple, quick and noninvasive procedure. The amount of radiation used is extremely small – less than one-tenth the dose of a standard chest x-ray, and less than a day's exposure to natural radiation.

Eligible subjects must:
-be 18-40
-have a surgical diagnosis of Endometriosis (in the past 10 years)
-not be pregnant

Qualified participants may receive compensation up to $875 

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