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Three of our OB-GYN physicians are experienced Principal Investigators. We have a core of 9 sub-investigator physicians (OB-GYN) and 3 sub-investigator nurse practitioners (WHNP) to support each Women's Health clinical trials. Our investigators have a variety of subspecialty interests and have been involved in clinical research for about 14 years.

Our women's health database includes 110,000 female patients, ranging in age from 13 to 80 years.

We have three Imaging Centers with Mammography, Bone Density, Ultrasonography and preferential appointments for research patients. The Imaging Center staff is fully trained and certified.

Research-only coordinators having seventeen years experience and support staff dedicated to each research protocol are just two reasons we exceed enrollment goals and timelines, trial after trial.

Our Women's Health research experience includes multiple studies in each of the following areas: Contraception, Endometriosis, HRT, Osteoporosis Prevention, Laparoscopic Devices, Menopausal Symptoms, Sexual Dysfunction, Low Libido, Urogynecologic Issues, Vaginitis, Yeast Infections, HPV, Menorrhagia, Uterine Fibroids, and more.